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The road must have an essential quality regards to structure and safety in order to flow the traffic in a sustainable way. The following points concentrate on the primary requirement for quality roads.

1- Permanent deflection: the road must resist the repetitive traffic load to avoid permanent deflections.

2- Surface drainage: Poor drainage is adequate for deteriorate the pavement material and reduce the skid resistance it may cause accidents, also a suitable surface drainage decrease effect on spray and splash during the winter season.

3- Skid resistance: skid resistance is one of the most important criteria for quality roads, it’s the primary key that helps the car to stay on its lane due to achieve enough friction between tires and the pavement surface, good skid resistance it may help to improve the speed limit and decrease the accidents.

4- Noise reduction: pavement surface should design for minimum noise level to achieve the driving comfort.

5- Horizontal alignment: the horizontal alignment is significant in case of the highway because the horizontal alignment effect on speed limit and sight distance, also effect on driving comfort.

6- Vertical alignment: the vertical alignment is very effective on the speed limit, driving comfort, sight distance and fuel consumption.

7- Surface marking: The surface of pavement should mark with standard marking system; the marks guide the driver to the safe side.

8- Self-understanding: The road must be as simple as possible, self-understanding is a kind of road that the driver can understand what he should do without the traffic signs.

9- Smooth profile: the profile of the road should have a smooth transition in different topographic locations.

10- Sustainable: The road path should be sustainable for surrounding environments such as avoid forest destruction.


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Main requirement for quality roads
Main requirement for quality roads

The road must have an essential quality regards to structure and safety in order to flow the traffic [ ... ]

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